Providing horse cremation with care and dignity.

When your horse passes away, it can be a challenging time, emotionally and practically. However, our complete horse cremation service, which services from Melbourne to Adelaide and Canberra, is designed to make the difficult act of saying farewell as easy as possible.


A dignified farewell, a sensitive service

We are trusted by horse owners to handle their beloved horses with the care and respect they deserve, taking the stress and uncertainty out of what is a painful situation.

Our extensive experience and custom-built horse cremator, the first of its kind in Victoria, means we’re able to provide an intact service, from collection to transportation to cremation. No unseemly handling or unpleasant procedures. Just a seamless service, sensitively delivered.

Frequently asked questions

How much do our horse cremation services cost?

Our standard horse cremation service for clients within 110km of Melbourne CBD is $1,800. Trips beyond the 110km radius incur at $2 per kilometre travel charge. Where travel exceeds more than 5 hours, there is an additional overnight accommodation fee of $275. The standard service includes the return of ashes in a carry box or drawstring bag as pictured below.

To help you manage the cost, we also offer a pre-payment plan. Contact us for details.

Do you offer pre-payment options?

The friendly team at Edenhills understand the loss of your beloved horse can often come as quite a shock.  Although pre-planning is often not a pleasant discussion, it can certainly provide you and your family with peace of mind when it does come time to saying goodbye.  We are committed to providing you with the caring support you need, and this also includes reducing any financial stress often associated when your horse passes.

Contact us to discuss a pre-payment plan to suit your personal needs.

Will you have to perform any kind of amputation?

No, we provide a complete intact service, from collection through to cremation in our purpose-built horse crematorium.

Do you offer horse cremations in my area?

Our horse cremation services extend throughout Victoria and as far as Adelaide, Canberra and southern NSW.

How much notice do you require?

Subject to availability we can usually respond immediately. If you can provide as much notice as possible this will ensure a smooth process for everyone.


Optional cremation products

Horse Wooden Box (H1)

Wooden Chest with Engraving $150

All the ashes are sealed within the woven bag and then placed in the hinged wooden chest.

Horse Photo Box (HP)

Horse Photo Box with Engraving $180

All the ashes are sealed within the woven bag and then placed in the wooden photo box.

Woven Bag - Horse

Woven bag

Your horse cremation ashes will be returned to you in a Woven Bag at no extra charge.


Laser Etched Plaque Sandstone or Bluestone $170

An image from your favourite photo of you horse is laser etched into Aluminium and mounted to either Bluestone or Sandstone The plaques are 12mm thick, 300mm wide and 600mm long. For smaller plaques see our domestic pet Plaques page

See our plaques or jewellery page for additional memorial options

For more information or to start a pre-payment plan to help manage

the cost please call us on (03) 5367 0556 or email

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