We have a rule at Edenhills that we only employ animal lovers.

Because of this our staff understand what our clients are going through and why the small details in the way that we do things can make a big difference.

Jessie Stringer (1993-2007)

Jessie, pictured was the faithful mate of Lance (the owner of Edenhills) for 13 years before she lost her fight with cancer. Lance gave Jessie a new home and a second chance when she was too excitable for some farmers as their sheep dog.

Jessie grew up with Lance through his 20’s and early 30’s. They moved around Australia living through some exciting situations including when Jessie barely survived being attacked by a pack of Dingos in Queensland.

Jessie was there when Lance met Madeleine, proposed to Madeleine and has since shared the house with Jack and Harry the two resulting sons.

Jessie now guards the Pet Cemetery from her grave at the entrance.

Being absolutely positive in our identification of each pet is one very important aspect of our work. Our clients need to know that they are getting their pet’s ashes returned and for this reason each pet is identified by it’s name, surname, breed, location of collection.

On top of this, every pet is given a unique Identification Number just in case we collect a pet of similar name and breed from the same location on the same day. Nothing is left to chance and we re-check the details through each step in the process. We have a slogan within our team – “Never assume anything”.

Because of this approach we have been able to recruit and retain quality staff who appreciate the ethics that we use in running the service.

Whilst we may not be a big company, we like to try and do our bit to help others. Even the smallest actions can have a big impact if everyone does it and below are a few of the little things that we do.

  • Guide dogs are provided the standard Edenhills service free of charge. We also buy our new street directories each year through the Guide Dogs Association.
  • We support Project Hope Horse Welfare Association which helps to rescue and rehabilitate and re-home neglected horses.
  • We make a monthly donation to the ‘Save The Children Fund’ which helps children in desperate situations internationally and educates them in how to better their position in the future.

Whilst it is difficult in our business, we try to minimise our environmental ‘footprint’.

  • LPG is used for our crematorium and most of our vehicles, generally producing lower emissions than other fuels.
  • We diligently turn off electrical appliances when they are not in use saving power costs and money
  • We use recycled paper and re-use scrap paper in our office as well as recycling ink cartridges
  • We recycle any plastics, cardboard and paper rubbish
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